Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I thought I would give you a little info on my friend Coco.   Well she's a pug and lives in New York, I know her from back in Mexico where we went to school together.

Coco has lots of interests and hobbies, her main interest is fashion so living in NYC "the fashion capital of the world"   is perfect for her.   Other interests include eating cupcakes, hotdogs and prezels, riding the Subway (I personally hate it but Coco loves it!), reading, maths (I don't know why!!), travelling, peace and talking on the telephone.

I hope this info gives you an insight to my friend Coco, and I know you guys will like her as much as I do.

Well I better go now as me and Coco are going to the Guggenheim Museum.   Check back soon for photos of me and Coco out and about in the big apple.


Thursday, 6 May 2010


Holla Amigos!

Well I am having a fab time in New York, everyone is so nice and friendly and guess what.............. I've finally found my friend, her name is Coco and shes a Pug.
Coco's soo much fun, she has shown me all the sites and has taken me to lots of hidden hidaways that only native New Yorkers know about.

Well I better be going as Coco has planned a full day of fun for us. Check back soon for photos of me and Coco out and about in New York.

See you guys later!