Thursday, 24 February 2011


Hola guy's, I'm so excited this week as Mycroft has taken me to London Fashion Week.  Mycroft is quite the fashionista as you can tell by his very stylish bow tie..... we've seen lots of shows and had really good seats as Mycroft knows some very important people in fashion.  I emailed Coco to let her know where I am and she was green with envy as she lives for fashion, I've took lots of photographs and sent them to her so she doesn't miss out too much.  I am loving London and don't want to leave but I have to soon as a new friend is waiting to be found....... Well I better be off as we have 3 more shows to see and Mycroft is getting very excited!!! speak to you guy's soon. XOXO SP :)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Pin Badges

Hola again guy's, just thought I'd show you's some new 1.5 inch badges that I've made which are inspired by all my friend's I've found so far.  I am still in London but I will be moving on soon to find another new friend so keep checking back for more news & updates.
All badges are available @


Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Hola Amigos, 
Just thought I'd quickly catch up with you's.  Well I'm still loving London and Mycroft and I are still having lots of fun, yesterday we went to Portabello Market where I bought lots of cool and unusual things.... London is such a diverse city and I love the British people they're so funny and friendly.  Just a quick thing before I go I have came up with a new range of handmade greeting cards inspired by Mycroft & London which are exclusively available in my Etsy Shop -