Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 HERE I AM......

Hola Guy's
Well I'm back from my Christmas travels and I've got to tell you it was so much fun,  I didn't manage to visit all the cities & friend's I wanted to but it was a great trip anyway.

My first stop was NYC to visit my friend Coco & this is us {trying} to ice skate @ The Rockefeller Center.  Coco was pretty good but I was hopeless, I have a good excuse though  I'm from Mexico!!!!!!!!!

This is Coco and myself in front of a very big Christmas decoration in NYC, the city was full of wonderful & unusual Christmas decorations and the store windows were 
like nothing I've ever seen before.

My next stop was Japan to visit my friend Cyril,  this is us doing some Christmas shopping.  My trip to Japan was very short but I had a great time while I was there!!!!!

My last stop was London to visit Mycroft, I love London and it was a great way to end my Christmas travels and to bring in the New Year.

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